Typhlographic Plans

In order to present the viewer with a plan of a given place, most often the interior of a building, but also a complex of buildings, a garden and the surroundings, typhlographic plans are used. These are properly prepared by our designers, tactile representations of a given place/area that allow people with special needs to orient themselves in the immediate space. It should be remembered that simply marking doors in a building with Braille placards may not be enough if the person who enters the building does not know where he or she should look for the department/room/office of interest.

When realizing typhlographic plans for a building, it should be remembered that only one floor can be included on one plan. Also, the plan cannot be placed randomly, and its location and orientation are determined by accessibility rules.

Due to the technologies used, we can divide typhlographic plans into three types. The first is simple plans, which present information visually and by touch. Visual information should be contrasting. This will make it easier to perceive for people with special needs, as well as the elderly for example. Braille captions are created in the Marburg Medium standard recommended by PZN (Polish Association of the Blind).

Other types of plans are those equipped with electronics. It supplements the simple plan with additional capabilities. These can include buttons with audio information, but also plans that use a built-in industrial computer and are equipped with a screen on which additional information can be displayed (e.g., detailed data about the object, a video with a sign language reader and others).

Simple plans can be mounted on stands made of stainless steel or powder-coated black steel, but also, with the help of spacers, placed directly on the walls. The latter solution is cheaper, but reduces the accessibility of the plan. Short people or people in wheelchairs may not be able to reach the area of the entire plan, which cuts them off from the information placed there. In the case of sounded plans or their versions with an industrial computer, the use of a stand is essential, it is where all the electronics are housed.

Some of our projects:

1. The project prepared for the Strawczyn municipality

2. The project prepared for the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

3. The project prepared for the Poviat Starosty in Biała Podlaska

Bez  tytułu (1) Terminal Multimedialny Z Planem AGH W Krakowie Rzut 1 Udźwiękowiony Terminal Z Dotykowym Planem Informacyjnym Starostwa Powiatowego W Białej Podlaskiej


4. The project prepared for the Technical garden in Gorzyce   5. The project prepared for the Lesniowice municipality   6. The project prepared for the Radomysl am San Municipal Office
Plan Ogrodu Dotykowy Plan Informacyjny Domu Senior Plus Słowikowo Dotykowy Plan Informacyjny UG Radomyśl Nad Sanem (1)