About Us

ALTIX has operated in the market since 1989 and was established at the initiative of blind IT specialists. We are the largest company in Poland dealing with the distribution of electronic equipment for visually impaired. To be more specific, we are engaged in typhlo-IT, i.e. computer science for the blind.

As far as Poland is concerned, we were the ones who laid the foundations of this field in our country.

For many years we have been shaping trends in the market, we are the pioneers in lots of issues related to typhlo-IT. It was us who developed the first Polish speech synthesizer, we voiced the Central Library for the Blind and educational institutions.
Not only do we do our best to be business leaders, but also to See More – i.e. to make the society aware of the needs of the disabled!
Our purpose is to develop the solutions that allow our clients to be fully independent and successful. We do know that to make dreams come true what is only needed is proper tools. We understand their needs. Our offer comprises a wide range of products designed for varied groups of customers.

Altix stands for:

• extensive experience in the typhlo-IT market
• cooperation with renowned companies: Freedom Scientific, Dolphin, Optelec Tieman Group
• top quality computers of such reputable companies as NTT, Komputronik
• technical support in a few dozens of towns within the territory of our country – we are in 13 out of 16 provinces
• own localization of key products: JAWS, SUPERNOVA, PACMATE
• the best experienced specialists within tylpho-IT
• the highest level of employment in this field in our country, i.e. 40 employees
• the largest offer
• lots of eminent blind persons who test our products and advise us how to help them
• interesting sponsor activity

Nagrody Altix