LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! Wooden Board Games for the Blind.

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Games that EVERYONE can enjoy - Ludo i Reversi!

There is no generetion gap when it comes to playing board games! So gather your family and have fun!

Grandmother’s eye-sight isn’t as it used to be?

Bright and contrast color will help her in keeping track of the game.

Uncle’s blind? Aunt’s visually impaired?

Our games are fully accessible. Tactile markings on pawns will help to identify them, strategic areas are carved in wooden board and can easily be located. Pawns are mounted on the board with special pegs so they are stable and there is no danger of scattering them by accident. Simple yet brilliant idea!

Children scatter pawns?

In every move pawns are stably pinned to the board so even family cat won’t ruin the game by jumping on the table.

Now no one feels excluded from good quality time with family and friends!

Our games are:

  • great for schools and kindergartens
  • fantastic for seniors
  • a must-have on family gatherings
  • made from 100% natural materials


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