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Since the beginning of its existance, Altix Company is interested and engaged in Braille prints, graphics for the blind (typhlographics, tactile graphics) and even audio descriptions! 

We have machines that allow us to produce high quality Braille prints and typhlographics in Poland at best prices! Orders are realized in very short timeWe invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer:



Drukarnia (1)1. Braille Printing

Etykiety2. Braille markings and labels

Mapy 3. Typhlographics

Our Braille printing house has been created when the company was born, so it works for more than 20 years. We print books and other publications in Braille!

We are also producing Braille labels, signs, placards and plans in Braille, including identifiers of places, and buildings.

One of our passions is a tactile graphics for blind. We produce convex tactile maps, charts and diagrams of the space and even typhlographics of multi-level buildings!


Audio4. Audio description, audio guides and spoken books

Udzwiekowienie5. Scoring the environment

Audio description is the only option that allows the blind to receive any visual content. We create descriptions and we select and install equipment needed to do it.

System offers reading an environment that serves as a navigation and information for the blind and they can also replace created points and information boards.