Christmas Eve Altix and Chance for the Blind Foundation

Today, as every year, we celebrated our Christmas Eve. This time it was held at office opened this year in March. Our invitation was accepted by representatives of companies and institutions, cooperating with Altix and Chance for the Blind Foundation. Among others, there were:

Sister Benita Hadamik - Head of the Department of Typhlology of the Association for the Care of the Blind in Laski,

Mr Elżbieta Neroj - General Counsel of the Ministry of National Education,

MRS Elena Świątkowska - Director of Chance for the Blind Foundation, MRS Monika Cieniewska - Deputy Director Collections Department for the Blind of Główna Biblioteka Pracy I Zabezpieczenia Społecznego, MRS Bożena Bawolak – president of branch of the Polish Association of the Blind in Łódź, Representatives of the Council of Founders of Chance for the Blind Foundation: MR Andrzej Pokorski, MR Igor Busłowicz, MRS  Leonora Bugansk Founders,

Representative of the Foundation's Council of Patrons: MR Jacek Kwapisz.

The founder of Altix and the President of Chance for the Blind Foundation , MR Marek Kalbarczyk played carols and we all sang together. We would like to thank all the participants of this magical meeting!

Wigilia Kolaż