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Accesibilities expo in Dubai

Last week we participated in AccessiAbilities Expo in Dubai. The representatives of Altix presented, among other things, the newest solutions that are used to make space accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

They also talked about tactile plans and maps, multimedia terminals, Braille lables, and lables in large print, Euler – Braille converter, publications prepared by our Printing House, board games for the Blind, and other our products.

The most popular, among all visitors, were tactile graphics and multimedia terminals, presented by our workers.

We invite you to take a look at some photos from Dubai. Our participation in AccessAbilities Expo in Dubai was organized within a project entitled “Polscy niewidomi dla niewidomych na świecie – eksport sposobem na transfer technologii tyfloinformatycznych” co-ofinanced by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme for Masovian Voivodeship (RPO) 2014-2020.

Kolaż DubajKolaż Dubaj2


Altix will appear at TifloInnova 2017!

On 17-19 November, we will take part in the 5th edition of the International exhibition in Madrid.

This event attract the best exhibitors from all over the world, giving the visitors possibilities to get to know newest and innovative solutions. Tifloinnova is one of the best places for “technological meetings”. It is a platform of exchanging information and getting to know  new trends, and analyzing upcoming


It is a space, where every exhibitor can present their products and services, and every visitor can find something for himself.

On our stand (no. 17), our specialists will talk about solutions offered by Altix, such as:

- Euler (Braille converter)

- Tactile plans and maps

- Multimedia terminals

- Braille signage and labels

- Printing house publications

- Tactile board games.

We invite you to visit our stand!

 Screenshot 2017 11 13 Tifloinnova 2017 1

Our new adaptations in Google, in Warsaw

More and more private companies start to open to persons with visual impairments. This time, Google’s seat in Warsaw was adapted to the blind and partially sighted.  Altix installed there information plates on doors, in Braille and large print.

Googlr 1_1124x 374

Google 2_1136x 1136

We will create tactile maps for the Praga Museum of Warsaw

Altix signed a contract for the delivery of ten tactile maps depicting objects located in the Praga district. The thermoforming maps will be used during one of the museum’s the temporary exhibitions, which will be opened in November. 

Visit the website of Praga Museum of Warsaw >>>
See it on our website >>>

Muzeum Pragi

The 15th edition of REHA FOR THE BLIND

The gala and international conference organized within the 15th edition of REHA FOR THE BLIND IN POLAND by the Chance for the Blind Foundation, of which we were one of the main sponsors, has come to an end. Both events were rich in attractions and many important awards and distinctions.

Gala and Conference proceedings

On October 16th, during the "We're Together" Gala, we had the opportunity to meet the winners of the first prize in the IDOL competition and to hear a concert of stars of the Polish music scene: Mietek  Szcześniak, Janusz Skowron, Sorry Boys, Kasia Moś, Katarzyna Cerekwicka, Hania Stach, Marek Piekarczyk, Mate o.

In the following days, we participated in the "Great Meeting" - an international conference devoted to various forms of modern rehabilitation of visually impaired people. During the Conference, we had the opportunity to listen to speeches by many important figures. Among the speakers, there were, representatives of the state and local government authorities: Ms Małgorzata Wypych (Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group for persons with visual impairments), mr Andrzej Dera (Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland), Mr Tomasz Pactwa (Director ofWelfare & Social Projects Department), Mr Artur Pozorek (President of the Management Board of Mazowieckie Voivodeship for Persons with Disabilities). It was also an opportunity to meet famous figures from the world of culture and media, including the following. Michał Olszański, Marcin Dorociński, Zofia Wichłacz, Piotr Witt, Wojtek Makowski.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of  equipment for the blind and visually impaired persons, activities of institutions and organizations working for the benefitof visually impaired and a range of other attractions, such as room of Touch & Sound, games for the blind and visually impaired, cooking corner and lessons of visage.

GALA 1 Kolaz

Presidential Appointments

During the first day of the Conference, on 17 October 2017, in the order of the President of the Republic of Poland, they were awarded, among others, with the following awards Our colleagues.

The Gold Cross of Merit was awarded to Igor Busłowicz, while the Silver Cross of Merit was awarded to Michał Bałamut, Krzysztof Kulik, Henryk Rzepka and Jacek  Kwapisz.

Janusz Mirowski (a co-worker of Altix and Chance for the Blind Foundation) and Ilona Nawankiewicz (Chance for the Blind Foundation) were also awarded with the Golden Cross of Merit.

The President of the Foundation, Marek Kalbarczyk, was awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order Polonia Restituta.

GALA 2 Kolaz

Results of the IDOL competition

This year's results of the IDOL competition are a great success, in which companies and institutions that best meet the standards of accessibility and openness for the needs of blind and partially sighted persons cooperating with Altix were awarded: Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wrocław, Wojewódzki Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji im. Z. Majewskiego in Drzonków, Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk.

The award was also granted to the products recognized as the best in 2017. These include Altix products, companies and institutions with which we cooperate. There are also new products that will soon be available for you to order in our shop.

PRODUCT 2017 FOR THE blind: YourWay application by Chance for the Blind Foundation, TouchIt by AltixAltix, InsideOne by Inside Vision.

PRODUCT 2017 FOR partially sighted: MyEyeby  Orcam, Compact 6HD by Optelec, EasyReader for Apple and Android by Dolphin.

We estimate that this year’s REHA FOR THE BLIND was visited by about 2900 people.

GALA Kolaz 3

The sports and leisure centre in Tarnów Podgórny adapted to the blind and partially sighted people

The Sports and Leisure Centre in Tarnów Podgórny is now accessible also for persons with visual impairments. Altix has installed there Braille information plates, handrail plates (also in Braille) and markings on the stairs. 

Visit the website of the sports and leisure centre in Tarnów Podgórny >>>
See it on our website >>>

Tarnow Mniejszy

Our new adaptations for the blind and visually impaired people at Nowy Teatr in Warsaw

We made another facility available! This time the Nowy Teatr in Warsaw became more accessible for blind and partially sighted people. The theatre has a tactile plan of the building and information plates on the toilet door in braille. The Nowy Teatr, established in 2016, has presented plays with an audio description. 

Visit the website of Nowy Teatr  in Warsaw >>>
See it on our website >>>

Nowy Teatr 1

Greater Poland branch of State Fund for Rehabilitation of disabled persons adapter

At the end of August, we completed an order of Greater Poland branch of State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, installing there the markings on the stairs, Braille handrail plates and Braille plates.

See it on our website >>>

Wielkopolski oddział PFRON

Altix involved in the “Virtualna Warszawa” Project

We have signed an agreement with the City of Warsaw for a service consisting in analysis and advice on the preparation and testing of a mobile application dedicated to people with visual impairments for the "Virtualna Warszawa" project.

Learn more about the project >>>
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Virtualna Projekt 1

We will publish two books in Braille

On commission of the Polish Book Institute, we will realise a project of preparing and publishing two books in Braille:"Słowiański Rodowód” by Paweł Jasienica and "Przedpiekle sławy Rzecz o Chopinie” by Piotr Witt. The books will be published by the end of June 2019.