Workplace Audit

Workplace AuditIf you are an employer, a recruiter or a human resource manager, you should adjust the workplaces in your company for the blind and the visually impaired. Such initiative will not only help you to possess new, valuable employees, but also you’ll consolidate the image of a socially responsible company.

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, every States Party should “[e]nsure that reasonable accommodation is provided to persons with disabilities in the workplace;”. Which means that every States Party should have a legislation concerning that topic.

Our experienced team of specialists conduct audit of the workplace for the visually impaired. The expertise provides analysis of workplace specification and risk it brings for the disabled. The following step of the audit is inventory control, where it’s placed so the technical adaptation of the workplace. Eventually, our specialists write a report on legal and technical adaptation of the standards in the workplace and they recommend the changes to implement, to make the place more accessible for the visually impaired.


The audit enables you to:

Gain new, fully skillful and loyal employees

Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and empathy by cooperation of disabled and non-disabled employees

Create and consolidate the image of the company as being socially responsible


The final step that you have to take is to train the employee for a specific position. For more information on that check section Training.

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