Architectural Audit of Public Facilities

Building PlanThe blind and the visually impaired are becoming more and more active in social, cultural and scientific life. There are numerous organizations and companies which support the idea of a world in which every citizen is treated with empathy. The main problem is that people believe that adjusting the world to the visually impaired needs is complicated. It’s a common problem that we don’t know what to do to eliminate the disability barriers and meet the disabled customers’ needs.

If you own or administrate governmental offices, utility buildings, retail areas, offices providing services within the tourism sector or catering industry you can arrange a space accessible for every potential customer.

Architectural audit allows us to examine and improve accessibility of the facility for the disabled, especially for the blind or the visually impaired. The expertise includes local inspection in the building, photographic documentation, presentation of the accessibility report and recommendation and counseling of what to change to reduce the disability barriers and improve the standard of the facilities.


The report is created pursuant to:

Construction Law and Transportation Law

Building administrator opinion

Typhloarea standards

Results of observation of the blind and the visually impaired

Good practices and recommendations of the Polish Association of the Blind


The audit allows you to:

Eliminate the disability barriers and gain new loyal customers

Acquire unbiased and objective opinion on the condition of the audited buildings prepared by experts in the field

Gain the ability to hire disabled employees whose salaries may be co-financed by government

Increase the recognition of your company’s brand on the market


Evaluation of the service is established individually with each customer.


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